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  • 03 Feb 2022 6:30 PM | William Anderson (Administrator)

    The State of Michigan has created a webinar that describes best practices for shoreline management: Advancing Inland Lake Stewardship through Shoreline Best Management Practices

  • 03 Feb 2022 6:19 PM | William Anderson (Administrator)

    Here is a link to a webinar from EGLE describing how they are using a new technology eDNA and qPCR to identify native and invasive species in Michigan lakes.

  • 28 Oct 2021 11:06 AM | Stephen Peterson (Administrator)

    The policy, which is more comprehensive, isn't really a new one. Here's the link to it, if you'd like to take a look.

  • 26 Aug 2021 11:28 AM | Stephen Peterson (Administrator)

    Here's a link to the article in the Record-Patriot

  • 07 Aug 2021 9:14 PM | Stephen Peterson (Administrator)

    At our Annual Meeting, John Collins, chair of our Governance Committee reported that we've made some changes to update our bylaws.  Here is a marked up copy of the bylaws showing the changes

  • 27 Jul 2021 9:50 AM | Stephen Peterson (Administrator)

                Designed to more evenly distribute the many tasks of the PLIA, and to create opportunities for member engagement, the PLIA Board has created a new committee structure. Four distinct committees now exist, the Governance Committee, Communications Committee, Science and Research Committee and the Finance Committee. Each of them is encouraging PLIA members to bring their individual expertise to the group and help PLIA achieve its ongoing mission.

                The Governance Committee, chaired by board member and attorney John Collins, will address the governing articles of the organization including bylaws, board member recruitment and insuring that PLIA is compliant with State and Federal 501(c)3 requirements.

                The Science and Research Committee will focus on sustaining and improving the lake monitoring program. Exciting new projects such as the Deep Trekker underwater ROV are part of this team’s work. Wilfred Swiecki, who has been studying Platte Lake for decades and is integrally involved in current monitoring activities, will be the committee chair.

                Keeping the membership and public in general informed about the many activities and opportunities of the PLIA will be the responsibility of the Communications Committee. This includes email messaging, website management and the production of the annual report. Membership database management is also included in the scope of this group. PLIA secretary Dr. Jerry Heiman chairs this workgroup.

                The Finance Committee, chaired by PLIA treasurer David Fuhrhop, is responsible for both the fund flow of the PLIA and insuring that our fiscal strategy allows us to meet the goals and objectives of the organization.

                This new structure will provide a framework for PLIA activities as the organization moves forward. Knowing that the membership of the PLIA represents an untapped resource of talent, each of these committees is identifying opportunities for members to participate and will be posting those on our website.


  • 18 Jul 2021 6:51 PM | Ashley Rossi (Administrator)

    The 2021 Annual Report is now available! Read it here

  • 18 Jul 2021 6:47 PM | Ashley Rossi (Administrator)

    Read the 2019 Swimmer's Itch Study from Freshwater Solutions here

    We also have a follow up piece on preventing swimmer's itch - check it out here

  • 17 Jul 2021 9:04 AM | Ashley Rossi (Administrator)

    The chart showing the volume weighted average temperature of the lake is here.

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