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 new winter drone video

If you've normally up at the lake in the summer, take a look at this recently shot drone footage of the lake and watershed in February.


Here's some drone footage of Platte Lake!


  • Lake Surface Temperature:
    46 as of April 29, 2022
  • Flow:
    Appx 3.5 million gallons flow in from the Upper Platte River
  • Depth:
    95 ft maximum, 24 ft average


Since our efforts began in 1978, we’ve seen a 12 foot increase in depth clarity.

What can I do to help the lake?

  • Become a member of the PLIA and support its efforts. Join now
  • Encourage your neighbors to join.
  • Keep grass clippings and leaves out of the lake. This is especially important in the fall.
  • Don’t use fertilizers containing phosphorus.
  • Maintain your septic system or holding tanks and pump your tank every 2 years

Make 2022 the year you become a PLIA Member and contribute generously to our work in keeping Platte Lake clean and beautiful for generations to come. Join Now!

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