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PLIA makes an argument for the resumption of walleye plantings in Platte Lake.

06 Mar 2023 6:15 PM | Steve Peterson (Administrator)

The PLIA knows that it’s membership has enjoyed fishing for walleye in Platte Lake. The walleye plantings have been discontinued by the MDNR for about 6 years. Recently the PLIA contacted the MDNR with rationale for the resumption of those plantings. You can read our letter and the MDNR response with these  links.

Although we were not successful, the PLIA board felt it is important for members to know that we are advocating on their behalf.

Of particular interest is the abstract that used the data from the MDNR and did a simple statistical analysis looking for the correlation between walleye planting and coho returns. You can see that there is actually a positive correlation. Obviously mature walleye will eat smolt, but the impact of that walleye population, in spite of plantings, remains of no consequence according to this objective statistical analysis.

The PLIA plans on participating in the 2024 salmon marking study that Mr. Heintzelman referred to in his response. Conceptually, the idea that smolt release at the lower weir will reduce predation by birds, fish, otters etc. in Platte Lake on the smolt population and improve mature salmon return is interesting. The impact on fish rearing could mean that fewer fish, at less cost, could be produced for the same return rate. Now that is a win-win. 

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